Basic Concept of Shutter Speed , Aperture & ISO - Beginners Guide

Basic Concept of Shutter Speed , Aperture & ISO – Beginners Guide

Hi guys how are you doing ? today i am going to tell you Basic Concept of Shutter Speed , Aperture & ISO – Beginners Guide which will definitely help you this is my guarantee. These factors makes the difference between professional photographer and a normal photographer.Till now you were capturing pictures in Auto mode in which you don’t need to change any of these. In Auto mode Camera automatically set all these three Shutter Speed , Aperture & ISO . But a kid can also do this so what is the difference ? and also you have not any control over light , depth of field etc. so lets start to learn about these three main functions of a DSLR.

What is Shutter Speed ?– In a simple language it is a time duration that the shutter allows light onto the image sensor is called the shutter speed, and it is measured in fractions of a second. So the high Shutter Speed means the Shutter will be open for a very small time period, and it will allow very less light onto the image sensor.And when the Shutter Speed is very low then the Shutter will remain open for a longer time (according to Shutter Speed) and it will allow more light onto the image sensor which will result brighter picture.

When we should use high Shutter Speed & low Shutter Speed?- Now the question comes in our mind is when we have to set high Shutter Speed and when Low Shutter Speed .Let me clear your doubt by an example, if you have set 1/200 shutter speed then it means camera will capture the picture at 1/200 part of 1 second . Suppose you are going to capture a moving object like birds, vehicles etc, then you have to increase your Shutter Speed according to their speed for Flying bird you can set 1/800 , 1/1000 . And low Shutter Speed is used when there is low light and long Exposure Photography. When you have set Low shutter speed then the picture will be bright because the image sensor will get more light.

What is Aperture? – The aperture is a small set of blades in the lens that controls how much light will enter the camera. It control the depth of field also.Aperture is also called F stop which can be ranges from 1.2 to 30 (it may be vary according to camera). In high Aperture set of blades allow more light to come into the image sensor. F stop 1.2 is a very high value in which large amount of light will enter into the image sensor. Lower value of aperture blocks the light to come into image sensor.

How to use the value of Aperture- As i have said that Aperture control the Depth of field . High value of Aperture is used for Shallow Depth of field . It means when you don’t want to focus the background you have to set high aperture . And low Value of Aperture is used for lager depth of field in which background of the subject can be in focus .

How to set ISO (International Standards Organization)- ISO is the level of sensitivity of your camera to available light. The lower the ISO number, the less sensitive it is to the light, while a higher ISO number increases the sensitivity of your camera.The range of ISO vary according to Camera but most of DSLR camera uses 100-12800 or higher .

Tips for ISO Setting – So guys here is a tips which will help you. Many photographers use very high ISO value even when it is not needed . higher the value of ISO is the noise in image also increases. And lower the value of ISO is the quality of image increase . So use it according to light condition other wise try to keep it as minimum as possible.


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