Know your DSLR Camera Settings,Buttons- Beginners Guide

Know your DSLR Camera Settings,Buttons- Beginners Guide

know your dslr camera buttons and setting

hello guys congrats for your brand new DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera. In this article i am going to tell you about your DSLR Camera Basic Setting or Functions of Buttons.Many of us have used Digital cameras ,there we saw few buttons but in DSLR there are so many buttons. All buttons have their importance,function .I am uploading two photos of a DSLR camera in which i have pointed numbers , all the numbers are described below –

  1. Playback — The playback button lets you to review images and videos shot with the camera.So if you want to see the pics you have captured you have to press this button.
  2. Menu- This button lets you access the camera’s main menu, where you adjust most options and camera settings, after pressing this button you access Shooting menu,Setup Menu  and Retouch Menu. These all have various kind of setting . you can change picture size , quality , contrast and many more from this single button.
  3. Zoom (+) Button– This button zooms-in when playing an image.
  4. (—) / ? / Checkerboard Button If playing, it reduces the images to fit 2 x 2, 3 x 3, or a bunchload of images on the screen. If the image was zoomed, it zooms out.

    If working in the menus, often this button will give more information about the setting at hand.

    If the “?” is flashing in the bottom right of the viewfinder, that means you have a message waiting from your D3300. Press the “?” button and your D3300 will tell you what’s on its mind! It’s usually telling you to turn on the flash.

  5. < i > Button –If the D3300 is resting (LCD off), the < i > button wakes up the LCD and allows you to adjust its settings.If pressed again, it reverts to the INFO screen showing the current camera state (aperture, shutter speed, battery, AF settings, etc.).If pressed with the INFO screen shown, it reverts to allowing you to change its settings again. You can change ISO , image size,Image Quality Flash Compensation, exposure compensation,metering,Focus Mode and White Balance from here.
  6. AE-L AF-L (Key) Button– This button is used to lock the setting like Shutter Speed , Aperture
  7. Advance Mode Button- By pressing this button we can set the timer , we can choose modes like single frame mode, continuous shooting mode and remote shutter release mode .
  8. LV (Live View ) Button- As it clear by its name , it enable the display for capturing the pictures . Specially it is used for video shoot. You cant take video without pressing this button
  9. OK Button- To conform any setting this button is used
  10. Multi Selector- This button is used to move the images right or left and to select the setting up or down.
  11. Delete- It is used to delete image or video.
  12. Power On Off- It is simply used for ON &OFF function of camera

    Know your DSLR Camera Settings,Buttons- Beginners Guide

    know your dslr camera setting and buttons

  13. Shutter Release – Used for capturing the pics.
  14. +/- and Diaphragm-
    This button is to the lower right of the shutter button.In manual exposure mode, hold this and turn the rear dial to change the aperture.In every other mode, hold it and turn the rear dial to change the brightness (“exposure compensation”) of the next picture you take.This exposure compensation button is very important. This button makes the photos lighter or darker. + is lighter, and – is darker.
  15. -Red Button – It used for recording movie.
  16. Info Button- If the D3300 is resting (LCD off), the INFO button wakes up the LCD and shows you the INFO screen (shooting info like aperture, shutter speed, battery, AF settings, etc.).Press INFO again to turn it off.
  17. Exposure Mode Selector Knob– This knob is used to select many mode like auto mode, shutter speed , aperture, programmed mode, panorama mode and many effects also.In A mode you choose the Aperture, and the D3300 chooses the shutter speed.In S mode you set the Shutter, and the D3300 sets the aperture.If the D3300 runs out of available apertures, you easily can get under or over exposure in S mode: watch that the D3300 can select a correct aperture for your lighting.
  18. Diopter Dial   (top right of rubber eyepiece cup)This button is used to adjusts the viewfinder to accommodate it to each person’s eyesight.Adjust it until your finder looks as sharp as possible to you. Each person may need a different setting.
  19. Lense Lock/Unlock – Through this button we lock and unlock the lens.
  20. Flash Button- It is used to ON&OFF Flash
  21. Fn Button -By default, this lets you set the Image quality and size.You can set it to do other things instead.I prefer to set it for direct access to White Balance.To change what it does, press:

    MENU > SETUP (wrench) > Buttons > Assign Fn button  > select your choice > OK.

Conclusion – So guys these are the buttons in most of DSLR which i have described . Note that the camera shown in the above pictures is NIKON D3300 , If you have canon, sony or any other brand DSLR Camera then it may have some different button on different location of that particular camera. I hope this tutorial will help you . feel free to comment below for any query.

Thank you for reading Know your DSLR Camera Settings,Buttons- Beginners Guide  article . All the best.