[new] Happy Rose Day Status, SMS, Quotes

[new] Happy Rose Day Status, SMS, Quotes for whats app, Facebook

We all are waiting for valentines week 2017.I am going to share some Happy Rose Day Status, SMS, Quotes for whats app,Facebook i hope you will like it. Valentines week starts from 7th of February to 14th February  . Rose day is the first day of Valentines week, On this special day we give roses to our beloved ones. There are different colors of roses which have different indication. It is the event of western culture which has been started celebrating in all regions of the country.It was started (check history here) on on the 50th anniversary of the arrival of QUEEN Alexandra.The Queen requested that the anniversary be marked by the sale of roses in London to raise funds for her favorite charities.

On this special day We can express our feeling by giving a rose to our friends or beloved one. Rose day is specially celebrated by the youth of country by giving a beautiful red rose to express his or her feelings.

Flowers, especially roses, are used to convey the many emotions we have for each other. Be it “I love you” or “I’m sorry,” sending roses is the perfect way to give someone a lift as well as send a message that you may be reluctant to say. How simple and wonderful to be able to say, “Thanks so much!” by simply picking up the phone and ordering a dozen yellow roses.

So where and when did the color meaning of rose originate? Jack Goody, in his book ‘The Culture of Flowers’, says that giving meanings to flowers originally came from the East and while meaning can be highly subjective some are universally accepted. Also called floriography, the art of speaking with flowers originated in Persia where illiterate women of the Ottoman seraglios used flowers to communicate, as written  language was forbidden.

Facebook and Whats app  are most very popular social site through which we can share and send messages to our friends so why should not we use it for wishing ans send them Happy Rose day Status ,SMS,Quotes . It is very easy to wish many friends at a single time by creating a group on FacebookWhats app and sending them Rose day Message ,Status ,SMS,Quotes. Now a days our youth generation is spending most of their time on Facebook so it will help them also in expressing their feelings.We have a special collection of Rose day message for Facebook and if you need more messages then feel free to contact us , we will send you personally more beautiful messages of Rose day for Facebook.

Here i am explaining the meanings of different colors of roses and Happy Rose Day Status, SMS, Quotes 2017 For Whats app & Facebook

  • Red Rose


[new] Happy Rose Day Status, SMS, Quotes

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Red rose is the indication of love. A single red rose is given to say thank you to be in life.Bunch of red roses are given to express true love without which one cannot live.

Red roses immediately bring to mind passion and true love. A single red rose signifies “I love you” and has been made even more popular these days with the success of TV shows like “The Bachelor”, where each chosen lady is given a single, long-stemmed rose to show the star’s appreciation and growing passion toward her.

Red roses can also convey thoughts of courage and congratulations. The “Run for the Roses” is the symbolic name for the first race of Thoroughbred racing’s Triple Crown. Held in Lexington, Kentucky at Churchill Downs, the race rewards the triumphant young racehorse with a blanket of gorgeous red roses.

  • Yellow Rose

[new] Happy Rose Day Status, SMS, Quotes

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Yellow rose is the indication of friendship. You can give Yellow Rose to your best friend it will make your friendship more strong.In German culture these beauties are a symbol of infidelity and dying love, but more traditionally they’re a symbol of friendship and happiness. Rose Magazine states that yellow roses, though actually an ancient flower as shown through fossil evidence, weren’t prevalent until discovered in the Middle East in the 1700s. Since then it’s been a popular favorite in gardens and bouquets alike.

  •   White Rose

[new] Happy Rose Day Status, SMS, Quotes

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White Rose indicates peace and cleanliness and given to each other to say sorry for any mistake.If you have any issues with your friend or loved ones you can give them White Rose.One of the oldest varieties of rose, Rosa Alba or the white rose has been a favorite of all civilizations, ancient and modern alike. White roses symbolize purity and innocence. Brides traditionally wear white and the Pope wears white on holy days. The white rose is the perfect emblem of innocence, loyalty and purity that comes in many different shades and nuances – 20 that are easily accessible. From almost pure white to shades of ivory, white roses are the perfect choice for bridal bouquets, corsages and dramatic arrangements.

  • Pink Rose

[new] Happy Rose Day Status, SMS, Quotes

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Pink rose indicates cheerfulness and given to the loved ones for their happiness.One can give Pink Rose to any one.Ranging from a subtle hint of color to deep and bright, pink roses have come to mean joy, happiness, gratitude and admiration. They’re often seen in bridal arrangements, thank you or congratulations bouquets. Considering the word “rose” brings to mind the faint blush of a fair maiden’s cheeks, it’s not surprising these blooms are a favorite to give and receive


  • Orange Rose

[new] Happy Rose Day Status, SMS, Quotes

orange roses With their blazing energy, orange roses are the wild child of the rose family. Whatever feelings you might be bubbling over with—enthusiasm, passion, gratitude—orange roses will get the message across with both oomph and elegance us as the red rose means passion and the yellow rose means friendship, orange roses often mean a cross-over between these two emotions. Orange roses are vibrant, cheerful and express fascination when you give them to someone.

Happy Rose Day Status SMS Quotes For facebook 2017-:

Facebook is used by millions of users where we can send SMS and share our feelings and so on.Facebook is one of the best way to connect with the friends who are far away from us.On first day of valentines week rose day you can send best SMS to your friends to wish them and feel them special.We all many friends in Facebook so this is the time to send them good wishes and SMS on this special day of valentines week.Here in this article are providing you number of beautiful SMS which you can send on Facebook.Rose Day status SMS quotes For Facebook 2017.

  • What Can Compare To A Red Rose As A Symbol Of My Love, It Is Beautiful And Soft Just Like My Love For You. Think Of The Caress Of The Soft Petals Of A Rose When You Think Of My Love Throughout This Rose Da

  • Red rose says:- I love you White rose says:- My feelings are pure Yellow rose says:- You bring joy to my life and Let’s be friends Pink rose says:- I like you Orange rose says:- I am proud of you Peach rose says:- Thank you and I sympathize with you Lavender rose says:- I am enchanted by you Blue rose says:- You seem like an unattainable dream


  • Don’t send yellow rose if you want a long everlasting relation; don’t give white rose if you want a romantic relation send a red rose which defines our beautiful relation. Happy Rose day dear

  • This is a lovely day, The breeze is blowing, Birds r twittering, And i say 2 my love…, Happy Rose day 2017 With love

  • 24 hrs make a lovely day, 7 days make a lovely week, 52 weeks make a lovely year and knowing a person like me will make your life lovely. Have a lovely Rose Day n life.! Happy Rose Day!


  • Everything About You Is Interesting, Your Smile, Your Laughter, Your Beauty, Your Scent And Your Company. I Always Think Of You With A Smile On My Face. I Love You My Precious Rose. Happy Rose Day!


  • I asked God for a rose And he gave me a garden,
    I ask God for a drop of water And he gave me an ocean,
    I asked God for an angel And he gave me you! Happy rose day!

  • With this rose, I reveal all my thoughts and feelings about you that I have withheld for so long. I feel when I am with you I am like a rose, not because of it’s beauty,

  • Believe me, you are the one,
    Whom my heart finds                                                                                         Whom my mind reminds me of,                                                                        Whom my destiny wants,                                                                                           Whom i love the most
  • Sweeter than the candies
    lovelier than the red roses
    more huggable than soft toys
    that’s what you’re
    here’s wishing you a Rose Day
    that’s as special as you’re.

 Happy Rose Day Status, SMS, Quotes for whats app 2017-:

Hey guys as we all are excited for the first day of valentines week that is Rose Day. Rose Day is celebrated every year on 7th of February. On this special day one can express his feelings to his or her beloved one by giving a beautiful Rose.Rose Day SMS Status,quotes For Whatsapp 2017. It is very special day for every couples in which girlfriend and boyfriend give roses to each other.There are different colors of roses which have different indication or meaning.So here we are providing best Rose Day SMS For Whats app for you.By these Status you can impress your beloved ones.Rose Day SMS,quotes,SMS For Whatsapp 2017.

valentine day 2017 hd wallpapers images for facebook & whats app

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 My rose is red,
Your eyes are blue,
You love me,
And I love u.
Happy valentine’s day in advance.
Happy Rose Day
 Bunch of rose I am sending you
Yellow to show our happiness
White to show our purity
Black to show our darkest secrets
And red to show our love
Happy Rose Day
 With this rose, I m not only give you merely a rose,
but I give you my heart and soul.
I send to you all the love I have to give,
and anything else that would give me the
chance to touch your heart.
Happy Rose Day My Sweet Heart
Har phool aapko naye armaan de,
Har subah aapko ek salaam de,
Humari ye dua hain tahe-dil se,
Agar aapka ek aansoo bhi nikle,
To khuda apko usse dugani khusi de

Happy Rose Day

 Happy Rose day Schedule 2017 -:

First Day of Valentine Rose Day Tuesday 7th February 2017
Second Day of Valentine Propose Day Wednesday 8th February 2017
Third Day of Valentine Chocolate Day Thursday 9th February 2017
Fourth Day of Valentine Teddy Day Friday 10th February 2017
Fifth Day of Valentine Promise Day Saturday 11th February 2017
Sixth Day of Valentine Hug Day Sunday 12th February 2017
Seventh Day of Valentine Kiss Day Monday 13th February 2017
Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day Tuesday 14th February 2017
Ninth Day of Valentine Slap Day Wednesday 15th February 2017
Tenth Day of Valentine Kick Day Thursday 16th February 2017
Eleventh Day of Valentine Perfume Day Friday 17th February 2017
Twelfth Day of Valentine Flirting Day Saturday 18th February 2017
Thirteenth Day of Valentine Confession Day Sunday 19th February 2017
Fourteenth Day of Valentine Missing Day Monday 20th February 2017
Fifteenth Day of Valentine Break Up Day Tuesday 21th  February 2017