Introduction to Photography

Hello friends this is my first post of this blog . So this post is about introduction of photography,what actually photography means ,why we do photography ?and what are the types of photography? and many questions comes in our mind . So let me tell about it.Photography is a blend of science and art . The word Photography is the combination of “PHOTO” and “Graph” where Photo means “light” and Graph means “data” or you can say object . Every picture we capture is information about the object – light.

It is an art in which we capture the moments, locations  and so on. Like any other artist, it is your way of showing things or feelings to others how you perceive the world. It could be anything simple like taking a walk in the street, or capturing moments spent with your family.

Purpose of photography- The essential purpose of photography is communication. Most of us take them because we want them seen by others. We wish or are compelled to inform, educate, entertain, reform, or share some experienced with others.i am listing some main purpose of photography which are following below-

  1. Information– Used in news paper ,magazines, scientific publications visual education etc
  2. Discovery – Because the camera is in many respects superior to the eye, it can be used to make discoveries in the realm of vision. This is the field of research and scientific photography, close-up and telephotography, ultra-wide-angle and high speed photography, abstract photography and Photographs. The purpose of such pictures is to open new fields of exploration.
  3. Entertainment- Photography is a source of entertainment and pleasure .
  4. Self-expression-An increasing number of talented, creative people find in photography a relatively inexpensive means for self-expression. Any subject can be photographed in  number of different ways, and more and more photographers seek new and more expressive forms of photographic rendition through which to share with others their own visions of the world, their feelings, ideas, and thoughts.

Types of Photography- Photographic can be divided into dozens of categories, many with lots of sub-categories. Now a days many of Photographers are famous for their mastery in particular type of photography . If you know the basics of DSLR camera then you do any kind of photography . Here i am mentioning some main type of photography.

  1. Landscape Photography-nature photography
  2. Portrait photography-fashion photography-event photography
  3. Action Photography- Sports photography
  4. Macro Photography
  5. Creative photography- Levitation Photography- long exposure Photography