What is Exposure in DSLR Camera- How to set Right Exposure

Hi friends i hope you have learned  my last article which was about DSLR basic buttons and Settings. So now its turn to learn some new , In this article we will learn What is Exposure in DSLR Camera- How to set Right Exposure . Many time you face some problems during photo shoot like over brightness in object or loosing details in shadow etc.These problems are due to wrong value of Exposure .So the question comes in our mind is what is Exposure ?  

Exposure is the amount of light per unit area reaching to our camera electronic image sensor . It  determines how light or dark an image will appear when it’s been captured by your DSLR camera. Believe it or not, this is determined by just three camera settings: aperture, ISO and shutter speed.

Underexpose-  A photograph may be described as underexposed when it has a loss of shadow detail, that is, when important dark areas are “muddy” or indistinguishable from black, known as “blocked-up shadows. So it means if you are not able to capture the subjects which are in dark or shadow then it is called as Underexposed .

Overexpose- It is opposite of under expose, when you loose the information of bright part of your subject then it is called overexpose. In overexpose your the bright part of subject is more brighter after clicking , which is the cause of lose of information from subject. It is also known as “washed out” or effectively all white, known as “blown-out highlights”.

Solution for right exposure-Now the the question is how to come over of these problems .Answer of this question is the right combination of Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO will give you proper Exposure .you can adjust Aperture ,shutter Speed and ISO to achieve desired Exposure . Many photographers choose to control aperture and shutter independently because opening up the aperture increases exposure, but also decreases the depth of field and slower shutter speed increases exposure but also increases the opportunity of motion blur.

So guys for right Exposure i am giving you a table which will help you for your desired exposure value.

Exposure Mode How It Works
Auto (green rectangle) mode Camera automatically selects all exposure settings.
Program (P) mode Camera automatically selects aperture & shutter speed; you can choose a corresponding ISO speed & exposure compensation. With some cameras, P can also act as a hybrid of the Av & Tv modes.
Aperture Priority mode You specify the aperture & ISO; the camera’s metering determines the corresponding shutter speed.
Shutter Priority  mode You specify the shutter speed & ISO; the camera’s metering determines the corresponding aperture.
Manual (M) You specify the aperture, ISO and shutter speed — regardless of whether these values lead to a correct exposure.
Bulb (B) Useful for exposures longer than 30 seconds. You specify the aperture and ISO; the shutter speed is determined by a remote release switch, or by the duration until you press the shutter button a second time.

A simple formula i am giving you which will help you always and in every type of photography .

  1.  higher the shutter speed- low light will come in the camera- applications like capturing flying birds or a particular moment which you don’t want to miss
  2. Slower the shutter Speed- large amount of light will come into the image sensor- applications like making water milky , long exposure photography
  3. Higher the Aperture- shallow depth of field and large amount of light – Used for making background blur
  4. Lower the Aperture-Large depth of field- used for landscape photography or when you want the background in focus
  5. Higher ISO – very large amount of light  and higher will be noise in the image- used for low light situations or when shutter speed is very high
  6. Lower ISO- less light and lesser will be noise-for sharp images with no noise

So guys this is the formula which will help you always and it is easy to understand , if you have problems in understanding Aperture,Shutter Speed and ISO then you can contact me. I will happy to help you. thank you

What is Exposure in DSLR Camera- How to set Right Exposure

exposure setting in dslr camera